Introduction of Ethical Management

Introduction of Ethical Management

Parnas Hotel's management goal is to create value and respect mankind.

Ethical management means that 'ethics' is priority in terms of company management and other activities. Every business and performance is focussed on the ethical regulations Parnas Hotel Co. and our core values are honesty, trust, respect and service upon which we operate our service ethically, legally and rationally. These are our vital elements to our management principle.

Honesty, Respect, Ethic, Service, Trust

Your opinions are always our concern.

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Consultation & Report Center

Consultation & Report Center

If you witnessed our staff made a wrongful behavior to you,
please inform us immediately.

- If your report is incorrect, false, abusive/slanderous or irrelevant(eg., an advertisement),
  it may not be processed. Please specify the details by followng 6 basic rules
  (when,where,who,what,how and why)
- Your report will be investigated by Management Team and your personal information will
  be protected.
- You will be informed of our investigation with your contact number
  (home phpne number or e-mail) you provided.

Consultation & Report Center
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